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I often go to Manhattan. I like it so much I got myself a place there in the West Village. New York City is the type of place that has a diversity of sights and attractions that should interest almost anyone. Of course, there are the many famous museums, Times Square (too busy!), the Empire State Building, Macy’s (too crowded!), the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and all the other well –known attractions that bring, on average, a million tourists to New York City every week. But, beyond those better known attractions, there are the restaurants, the villages and communities, and the lesser known museums that make the discerning traveler come back time and again. For me, I enjoy the vibe of Manhattan. And although the area around Fifth Avenue and 55th,or Times Square and Broadway, are a little too much to take too often, I still sometimes find it fun to venture into these well-known areas and just absorb the energy of the city.  Having been to New York City now more times than I can count, I have found that my favorite area of Manhattan is not the well-known tourist areas, but is instead the West Village. The West Village, in lower Manhattan, feels like a city within itself. You would be surprised how quiet and laid back it is there, even though it surrounded by the hustle and bustle of NYC. Although originally it started as a farming community to escape the diseases of the city, the West Village historically became known as an area where the bohemian culture developed in Manhattan in the early twentieth century. West Village has since been known for its colorful, artistic residents and the alternative culture. West Village has also been a place in New York City known for new movements and ideas, whether political, artistic, or cultural. More recently, some have lamented that, due to its popularity, more and more of the wealthy have taken up residence in the West Village, pushing the more progressive vanguard out. That may or may not be true, but I just love the West Village. I love the quaint streets; I love the art scene; I love the charm. I like that everything I need is within walking distance, most importantly for me some of the best restaurants in the city. A visit to New York City without at least a short visit to the West Village is an opportunity wasted. See you there!


Tony Buzbee is a distinguished attorney in Houston, Texas. He loves to travel and his interest began during his time with the United States Marine Corps. Check out more of his travel blogs or follow him on Twitter!