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My brother is a professional musician who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I don’t get to see him near as much as I would like. A few years back, he and I decided we wanted to spend some time together and decided to take a trip. We wanted to do something adventurous, and both agreed that it would be fun to take a jeep and explore Tasmania.  I’m glad we did. Tasmania is a small island that sits about a twelve-hour boat ride off the southern coast of Australia. Tasmania is known for its beautiful  and challenging terrain, beautiful beaches, and wide open spaces. It is a wonderful place. For the trip, my brother and I took his jeep and boarded a late night ferry. After dinner on the ferry and a few drinks, we retired to our cabins. When we awoke, we were on Tasmania! We spent the next week driving across almost the entire island. During our trek, we even took yet another ferry to yet another, smaller island (Bruny Island) off the southern tip of Tasmania. Whether it be the whiskey we drank, the cigars we smoked, the wildlife we saw, or the company we kept, Tasmania stands right up there as one of the most fun and memorable trips I’ve taken. Camping on Bruny Island and fighting off the ring tale possums is just one of those nights one never forgets. Tasmania, put it on your list!!

Tony Buzbee is a distinguished attorney in Houston, Texas. He loves to travel and his interest began during his time with the United States Marine Corps. Check out more of his travel blogs or follow him on Twitter!