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One of my favorite places on this planet Earth is a small place I own in East Texas called Antioch Ranch. When I won my first several cases, I started purchasing tracts of land near where I grew up in a small town called Atlanta, Texas. At first, I had no vision for the place, but as I continued to purchase land I began to envision a ranch, with cattle, horses, ponds, and other animals. Antioch Ranch now has grown to a real show case of a place to visit. I like to take my children there several times a year to fish or hunt, or ride side by sides, or ride horses. We also like to have an annual Thanksgiving dinner in the main house, and then sit out on the front porch and swap stories and spend time, together. I’ve even run over old cars with my tank out there!! Antioch Ranch is one of the greatest places on Earth.

Tony Buzbee is a distinguished attorney in Houston, Texas. He loves to travel and his interest began during his time with the United States Marine Corps. Check out more of his travel blogs or follow him on Twitter!