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The Bahamas are made up of more than 700 islands, many of which are uninhabited. The Bahamas sit just east of the Florida Keys. Although Americans commonly refer to the “Bahamas” is if that is the proper name, the true name of what we commonly refer to as the Bahamas is a group of islands, under British Rule, called “The Commonwealth of the Bahamas.” Most folks who visit the Bahamas fail to really grasp the breadth and scope of the islands, and the wonderful things to see and do in the area. I love the Bahamas. They are relatively easy to get to, and once you get there—if you have a boat—it is wonderful to roam from island to island, exploring, sunning, and swimming. A few years back, rather than going to the more popular Paradise Island, or Grand Exuma, I decided to take my boat to Bimini Island. Bimini, whose main city is Bailey Town, is much more laid back than some of the other more popular areas of the Bahamas. In Bimini, there is one main resort, and lots and lots of sand and sun. On this particular trip, I put on my diving gear and swam with the hammer head sharks. Although I recommend it, such is not for the faint hearted!! In the Bahamas, unlike the United States, the laws are a bit less stringent. In the context of swimming with the sharks, this means you forgo a cage and dive right in. What an experience!!



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